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Patriot Pools implements the engineered benefits of ICF construction. Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) are transforming the pool industry with speed, strength & efficiency. Our customers, which include homeowners, builders, and architects, can attest to the unparalleled quality of ICF construction. As the BuildBlock™ builder-dealer to the Nashville area, Patriot Pools offers the best-in-class engineering & system for any pool location or design.

Why Choose ICF?

How Does ICF Work?

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) simplify the building process and increase a pool’s structural integrity! Our ICF blocks are used like Legos™ for pouring concrete. Each block is created by two rigid foam boards that are connected by high-density plastic webs embedded into the foam. These webs are also used to connect rebar to the ICF system while holding it securely in place during the pour. The combination of foam boards, webbing and rebar creates an engineered mold to pour the wall and pool floor monolithically with concrete. Building an ICF System by Patriot Pools is the smartest decision for maximizing the longevity and the performance of your backyard’s investment!

ICF Pool Structure

ICF Pool Structure

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