Life is too short to waste backyard space.

Don’t spend another year in a boring backyard
missing memories and fun with family and friends.

At Patriot Pools, we design, plan, and build custom luxury pools and outdoor living spaces.

Best-In-Class Design & Engineering

Entertain how you’ve always dreamed.

You’ll be the go-to house in the neighborhood opening your pool first and closing it last.

Gather your
friends and family.

Your pool is more than an outdoor extension to your home, it’s a unique space to create lifelong memories with friends and family.

Build a retreat in your
own backyard.

Vacationing is fun but often it feels better to be in the comfort of your home. Relax in the solitude of your own private getaway.

Your dream backyard is only 3 steps away.

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Patriot Pools will guide you from initial concept through final construction to design and build a unique and luxurious outdoor space.

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Backyard Forever

Whether you’re entertaining friends and family or relaxing by your pool, you’ll have an outdoor space you can enjoy for years to come.

Quality, even in the spaces you can't see.

Typical luxury pool construction uses the gunite process which hasn’t been improved upon in decades. At Patriot Pools, we use a superior method of concrete construction utilizing ICF (Insulated Concreted Forms). Tried-and-true for years, ICF, is both better and stronger than traditional gunite. The ICF process maximizes the structural reinforcement of concrete and rebar while also providing a thermal
barrier which means your pool is insulated just like your home.

Our Construction is Unparalleled

Find Out How We Design & Build Your Luxury Pool in Just 8 Steps

Patriot Pools will guide you from initial concept to final construction to design and build a unique and luxurious outdoor space.

We can build everything from the smallest outdoors space to large-scale outdoor living areas including outdoor kitchens, landscaping, pergolas, fireplaces, innovative water features, fire pits, and integrated spas.

Build luxury that lasts a lifetime in your own backyard